Weddings - Doug Plummer

I am a storyteller. I bring to bear my ability to become fully engaged in the moment before me, and to extract a compelling image. I am a visual witness, whose job is to create a true picture of this important event.

My wedding photography style is spontaneous, non-traditional, documentary storytelling that captures the essence of the event. I don’t “run” the wedding. I don’t order people into endless poses, and I avoid intruding into the rhythm of the ceremonies. I’m just there. Often I’m in the very middle of whatever is happening, where, it turns out, I’m the most inconspicuous. The goal is good photography, in a manner that contributes to the joy of the families and friends sharing this day together.

"We felt that you were an integral part of the moment, more a friend who was a part of our special day than a professional documenting typical wedding happenings. We were hoping to avoid photography that was too "cheesy" or "shmultzy," and you achieved just that. We so appreciated how you simply became part of the gang." – Maia and Andrew Kaz

"I'm sitting here in my home in Pennsylvania with tears running down my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you...not only for your amazing sensitivity and ability to capture that special time but also your equally amazing talent to be there in the moment with us...and without us realizing you are visually capturing it for us." –Beth Holmes

"You told the whole story of our wedding day. They were not merely wedding photos, but great portraits of the people we love." –Katy DeRozier

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